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October, 2019

If you think the foodie scene is limited to street tacos, run-of-the-mill resort fare, and frozen margaritas, you may be looking in all the wrong places for things to do in Cancun. With Palace Resorts’ first-ever Food and Beverage Summit, recently held at Moon Palace Arena, the time has come for all-inclusive resorts to raise the bar, serving what is arguably (and rightfully so), the most delicious food in Cancun.

This popular tourist destination, previously famed for its hard-core spring-break image, has firmly positioned itself as a foodie destination for those who crave unforgettable culinary experiences while on holiday. What’s more, the pioneers in such experiences are emerging from a scene that was once incompatible with the term ‘haute cuisine’.

So, just how is it that resorts offering all-inclusive vacations in Cancun are able to serve culinary delights which rival some of the most famed restaurants in the world? Here are 4 essential ingredients:

Enjoy unique desserts prepared with the finest ingredients at Palace Resorts


“Creativity is innate, it just needs to be cultivated”. This observation by world-class pastry chef, David Gil, explains why a number of world-renowned visiting chefs are brought to work beside and inspire the professional dream-team of chefs and cooks responsible for producing the delicacies of Palace Resorts’ restaurants. 

In this particular summit, presentations and workshops are led by influential culinary figures such as Vidal Elias Murillo, Oriol Balaguer, and Jesus Escalera, placing a strong onus on creativity, inspiration, flawless technique and sublime flavor. 

Partnership-wise, winner of World’s Best Pastry Chef 2018, Antonio Bachour is behind the selection of prize-winning desserts offered at Palace Resorts’ properties in Mexico and Jamaica. Executive pastry chefs underwent robust training with Bachour to learn about his specific techniques, tailored recipes, and unmatched presentation, to ensure each dessert uniquely reflects an exquisite work of art.

This isn’t the first time that the upper echelons of culinary masters have brought their expertise to Cancun, especially Moon Palace. In 2018, Spain's Michelin-starred chef Joan Roca hosted a unique two-night culinary experience exclusively at the resort, followed by Massimo Bottura’s “Osteria Francescana

Experience”, where guests partook in a dining experience with proceeds going to Food for Soul, sustaining community kitchens around the world.


Sublime flavor calls for great ingredients. 

Now, what if those ingredients were not only great but were actually carefully selected from among the finest in the world? Sounds like something only the most exclusive establishments would do, doesn’t it?
Let’s face it, in your typical all-inclusive setting, you are highly unlikely to come across superior ingredients.

By adding this extra attention to gourmet detail, Palace Resorts has essentially become the benchmark for fine dining restaurants in Cancun and beyond. And when a Michelin-starred Italian chef such as Giuseppe Iannotti is mind-blown at being able to work with “the very best brands of olive oil, right here”, there’s no room for doubt.

Add a generous helping of Certified Angus Beef® (served as a standard at Palace Resorts restaurants), fish which is guaranteed to be fresh, plus the world’s finest brand of chocolate, Valhrona (to mention just a few of the top-notch ingredients used), and you have the perfect recipe for exceeding guests’ culinary expectations.

Enjoy an unforgettable culinary experience at the hands of the world-class chefs


Dream team, check. Top-notch brands, check. 

Season this with expert culinary appreciation, and the flavors really start to get interesting.

The 2019 Food and Beverage Summit saw a number of presentations and debates led by award-winning food journalist, critic, and writer, Ignacio Medina, who has written columns in various international publications such as “El País”. 

The renowned columnist was only too pleased to do a low-profile round of the restaurants within the resorts, culminating in invaluable feedback and critique, to further shape and perfect what he describes as an experience which has “changed his perspective towards all-inclusive resorts”.


So, how can you wrap up all this flavor and creativity and serve it with love? Easy. Add the ‘homemade’ touch. 

Although, hard to believe, all 8 of the Palace Resorts’ properties distributed throughout Cancun and the Riviera Maya are served by a central distribution center, “CEDIS”, where mouth-watering pastries, desserts and melt-in-your-mouth ice cream blends are lovingly produced, along with some 5,000+ (8,000+ in high season) freshly-baked burger buns, which prepared daily ready to protect their homemade meat patties. And this all is just for starters.

This is a one-of-a-kind for resorts in the whole of Mexico, who rely on external suppliers’ products. By keeping it all at ‘home’, standards, quality and flavor remain stringent, all the way from the kitchen to your plate!

For those who once thought all-inclusive could never really be all-exclusive, imagine standing up after one of the most exquisite dining experiences of your life, and wondering why you feel guilty that you don’t need to pay an extra penny…

chuke b
chuke b

Vacation experience

During our stay at Moon Palace we mostly Enjoyed The Pub & the staff. The atmosphere was great. The staff was great & we enjoyed many conversations with them. They are all very kind & inviting.

Ryan W
Ryan W

Cancun Moon Palace Vacation

Wonderful dinner at Arrecifas, their Brazilian steakhouse. Great cuts of meat, with delicious desserts and drinks. Fantastic service and really felt like me and my friends were taken care of. Looking forward to my next visit!

Angie O
Angie O
Cancún, México

Best experience

Rafael cupul and Gil Avelino are the best bartender in the whole resort. They took care of us and gave us really good treatment. Kept giving us drinks without being asked which was such a plus. Love it Made sure that we are happy throughout our stay