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September, 2019

Ever tried to get them interested in the wonders of nature, only for them to shrug and ask, “Do they have Wi-Fi here?” If the only thing they want to do is play on their phone, perhaps you need a whole new strategy to turn your next trip into the best vacations for your kids in Cancun.

The line between experiencing a family vacation that brings you closer to one another with unforgettable memories and a trip that will leave you frazzled, confused, and angry, is dangerously thin. With kids in tow, you’ll need to find a destination that has family-friendly fun built-in, with all the necessities to keep your family running like a well-oiled machine.

Luckily, many all-inclusive family resorts, especially in Cancun, aim to keep the whole crew well-fed, well-rested and entertained. But what exactly should parents keep in mind when deciding on accommodations?

The line between experiencing a family vacation that brings you closer to one another with unforgettable memories and a trip that will leave you frazzled, confused, and angry, is dangerously thin.

Family looking delighted with the delicious food in one of the best restaurants in Cancun

1. Survey the available services for families

When traveling sans family, you might not give certain amenities like on-site laundry services and 24-hour room service a second thought - but when taking a vacay with the little ones, these services can be lifesavers.

Before you know it, a week’s worth of clothes can end up in a soggy and soiled pile in just three days. Ever had your jet-lagged toddler wail for breakfast at 3 a.m.? It’s not pleasant.

When booking your stay, double-check that a resort’s amenities cater to the needs of kids. Many family-friendly resorts offer a wide assortment of products for traveling families, making the stay truly all-inclusive for little tykes as well.

2. Activities for kids in Cancun

Looking to keep your kids entertained throughout the day, and hopefully tuckered out at night and ready for a solid eight hours of sleep? Then there’s nothing better than a variety of fun-filled activities at your all-inclusive resort.

Consider resorts which offer kids clubs full of fun things to do. In Cancun, for example, the state-of-the-art playrooms at Moon Palace provide perfectly-sized amenities for the little ones, with even a catwalk for the most fashion-conscious of princesses. Finding activities to keep the kiddos entertained for hours not only means they get to have fun with people their own age, but it may also give you enough time to fit in a spa treatment!

Resorts with console areas are great for appealing to teens (and your own inner kid!), and a variety of nightly shows are perfect for some family fun and giggles before bedtime. 

3. Family-Friendly Restaurants in Cancun

Most of us would agree that a well-fed kid is a happy kid. Conversely, a hungry kid can be mistaken for the main attraction in a bullfighting ring. When choosing your resort, look for options and variety that will keep both adults and kids from getting bored.

Kid playing happily in one of the best waterparks in Cancun

Most restaurants at family resorts and hotels offer a kids’ menu, and that’s always a good (and usually familiar) place to start. But even better is a buffet, one that will give finicky eaters more choices (and potentially healthier options like fresh fruit). If your brood is traveling in the Caribbean, use the opportunity to expose them to a mix of healthy tropical fruits and all-time buffet favorites offered in the best family-friendly restaurants such as those found in Moon Palace Cancun.

Also, be sure to ask if the resort will accommodate special requests (for your picky eaters) and diet restrictions (for those with allergies). You’ll also want to double-check if restaurants have convenient family-dining hours, to avoid feeding the little ones too late in the evening.

Any vacation can have its trying moments – especially when traveling with kids. The good thing is that action-packed all-inclusive resorts are a sure-fire hit. Instead of wishing you had left the kids home with grandma, you might actually get to relax and fill these vacations with family selfies to treasure.


chuke b
chuke b

Vacation experience

During our stay at Moon Palace we mostly Enjoyed The Pub & the staff. The atmosphere was great. The staff was great & we enjoyed many conversations with them. They are all very kind & inviting.

Ryan W
Ryan W

Cancun Moon Palace Vacation

Wonderful dinner at Arrecifas, their Brazilian steakhouse. Great cuts of meat, with delicious desserts and drinks. Fantastic service and really felt like me and my friends were taken care of. Looking forward to my next visit!

Angie O
Angie O
Cancún, México

Best experience

Rafael cupul and Gil Avelino are the best bartender in the whole resort. They took care of us and gave us really good treatment. Kept giving us drinks without being asked which was such a plus. Love it Made sure that we are happy throughout our stay